Title: Build Your Legal Outsourcing Strategy
Description: This is a step by step guide showing you what Strategic Legal Outsourcing is and how you build an LPO Strategy that is right for your organisation.Over the course of 5 videos (each 10-15 minutes long) you will see:

  • How your current position compares with your competitors and the market generally
  • What is happening across the legal market and how people are using Legal Outsourcing
  • The details behind the different Legal Outsourcing models
  • What those different LPO models are and how to determine which model is right for your organisation
  • How you choose a strategy that is 100% right for your firm
  • The project plan that you need to follow to build your LPO strategy.


As with all videos, you are able to reach out to us and ask any questions about the videos. Most questions are answered live, immediately, as you ask them. The longest you will have to wait is 12 hours.



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Accessing The Videos: All videos can be accessed from your smartphone, tablet or computer, at work, at home, or on the move.[nggallery id=1]
Price: $150 for all 5 videos

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