The LPO Blue Print (with pricing)


Thanks for your interest in The LPO Blue Print.

The background to creating The Blue Print is in the work that I do day to day with clients. I tried to sit back and work out why people bought my services and what value I was expected to do.

From speaking with clients, the resounding response to my question was that my job was to ensure that “the correct outcome are achieved”.

Yes, it was to bring subject matter expertise. Yes, it was to bring data points, benchmark information, and enough tools that the project did not have to launch from a standing start.

More importantly, it was to bring expertise in managing complex projects through to a successful conclusion.

So, when I sat down to sketch out The Blue Print, I realised that there were four common traits in successful projects, and traits that had been missing in the projects that, being diplomatic, were less successful:

  1. Having an LPO project that is structured correctly from Day 1 through to conclusion
  2. Finding a supplier that is the right fit for your requirements
  3. Having transparency in measuring the outcomes of the project
  4. Ensuring that the project leadership has the tools and support to deliver success

Further down the line, as I was re-editing the contents, it also struck me that LPO Suppliers would gain incredible insights from The Blue Print, getting deeply into the minds of current and future Buyer of LPO services.

The suppliers that I see winning in the market place are those that bring subject matter expertise and a consulting approach to the table. Across all four Steps of The Blue Print, any suppliers will get significant further insight to help them work with and sell to prospective clients.

However, as an LPO Project Leader, the Blue Print give you the guidance you need as you:

·      Think forward to how you will implement your emerging strategy, or

·      Actually start executing your strategy

The structure of the four sections make The Blue Print relevant to anyone running an LPO project, in any kind of organisations, in any LPO service line, e.g. Document Review/e-Discovery, Contracting/Contract Management, Legal Research, IP/Patent and Trademark services, etc.


The LPO Blue Print Structure

The LPO Blue Print is split into four sections:

  1. 1.      Successfully Structuring LPO Projects

This is fundamentally about great project management. In over $5bn worth of complex outsourcing deals, I’ve seen both successes and the odd disaster. Successful projects have a number of key characteristics, all of which are within your control. What I do here is take you through the specifics of what you need to have in place, how they relate to LPO, and how to avoid the pitfalls.

  1. 2.      Effective Supplier Selection

I really believe that finding the right supplier is just like the Dating Game. With child number 3 just turned 1 year old, I am long out of that experience, but in every deal I work on I am amazed at the similarities between Dating and Supplier Selection.

Successful Supplier Selection is almost 100% about finding the right cultural fit, beyond the “tick in the box”/hygiene factors. Given the quality of many suppliers, differentiating on “the basics” can be very difficult, and you will not even be looking at suppliers who fail at that level.

However, hinging your decision on something as vague as “Cultural Fit” sounds (and is) very risky. In this section I show you how to play both sides of the fence and make a robust and defensible selection that is everything you have learned about the suppliers.

  1. 3.      Measuring For Continued Success

My first ever boss in the outsourcing environment drummed into me the importance of numbers in measuring outcomes. Despite how obvious it sounds, the reality is that most businesses and most projects are pretty low on tracking measureable outcomes and benefits.

Often the data is captured and then forgotten as soon as the Business Case is signed off. In this section I will show you how to take measurement way beyond the Business Case and well into the live service, embedding it in the Governance structure.

  1. 4.      Delivering The Objectives/Achieving The Vision

The first three elements of the Blue Print are the business building blocks for delivering the vision. This final section is about helping you personally to survive (and thrive in) the emotional journey that every Project Leader undertakes. It about getting you successfully across both the starting line and the finishing line while retaining your sanity

Bonus Offer Details

For the first 10 buyers, I am also offering a free bonus. Rather immodestly, I am offering you a free one-on-one conference call with myself to really help you address any issue of your choosing. You will have carte blanche on topic, subject, detail etc, at the soonest possible opportunity that suits our mutual diaries. More modestly, I won’t share with you how much this is saving you.

PS. To mark my client visit to Tokyo next week, all buyers of The LPO Blue Print will get a free DVD of Bill Murray’s own amusing Tokyo adventures as shown in “Lost In Translation”. 

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