Talk To The Expert

I use the phrase “The Expert” loosely. Depending on your exact requirement we will set up a 1 hour session with an expert in that area.

For example, you may want to understand:

  • what is happening in the market,
  • what are the process flows for outsourced legal services,
  • what your LPO options are,
  • how to build your business case,
  • how to manage a supplier,
  • how to address issues you are facing

There is no way to record or write content that can address those areas (and others like it) for all Law Firms and all General Counsel. That is why we keep 1 hour a day free for sessions with clients. The cost is $395, and you can have as many of your colleagues on the call as you wish. We use webconferencing so we can share the right data, information, and knowledge, but much of the time is spent answering your direct questions.

The 1 hour we have set aside is flexible around your diary. Just email Jen ([email protected]) and tell her the time, timezone, and date that suits you or your team. We will do the rest.

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