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The 10 Best Companies to Work For

Business Insider is hosting a special “Ask a Business” segment that asks readers to discuss the most compelling companies to work for.Here are the 10 best companies to have your company listed on:If you’re looking to find a job, here are some tips to help you out:1.Take a job at your current company.You’re probably more […]

A new way to earn $100,000: a legal profession

The Senate will begin debating a bill that would give small businesses a way to pay for lawyers and environmental lawyers with a new “small business” lawyer salary.The bill would allow small businesses to pay $100 an hour for an attorney or environmental lawyer, but they must also have a full-time equivalent in a non-law […]

Houston lawyer who sued police over arrest of black man dies of brain cancer

HAPPY HOUR HOUSTON — A Houston attorney who sued the Houston Police Department for arresting a black man in 2011 and later settled a wrongful arrest lawsuit that went to trial has died of brain and spinal cancer.The attorney, Casey Anthony, 50, was found dead at her home Wednesday afternoon, her family said.She was known […]

How can you protect yourself if your brain is damaged?

The brains of people who are killed in accidents are especially vulnerable to brain injury because they’re not fully developed yet.When a car is involved in an accident, for example, the brain of the occupant is damaged and can’t compensate for the damage.The person sitting in the car is also damaged, so the damage is […]

Legalizing weed is legal in Arizona

The Arizona House has voted to approve a bill legalizing recreational marijuana.The measure was approved by a 45-39 vote Thursday.The legislation will now head to the Senate.Supporters say legalizing marijuana will help curb drug use.The bill would allow marijuana businesses to apply for a license, but not to sell to consumers.It also gives the state […]

How to Make Your Life Better When It Comes to Accidents

A friend of mine was on the phone when a woman died in a motorcyclist accident in Los Angeles.The victim was driving a 2007 Harley Davidson with a broken left front wheel and rear wheel bearings, and she was seriously injured.The driver of the motorcycle, an 80-year-old man, was cited for leaving the scene of […]


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