Why immigration lawyers are now being arrested for filing frivolous lawsuits

The number of lawyers being arrested and charged with frivolous lawsuits has increased by over 200% since the Trump administration took office, according to a report by the National Lawyer Association.“This is a serious problem, and I’m afraid it’s going to be a long time before it’s resolved,” said Sarah Stemm, the association’s president.According to […]

Why are so many lawyers turning to the criminal law?

Lawyers who are involved in the criminal justice system are increasingly turning to civil legal expertise, following the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn a law that made it illegal to use your phone in a public place.The ruling, which struck down a ban on texting while driving, comes amid a rise in the number of […]

Which airline lawyers should you choose for your personal injury lawsuit?

The average salary of a private aviation lawyer in Canada is $72,000 per year, according to a new survey by the Canadian Association of Personal Injury Lawyers.The survey was conducted by Laval University and The Law Office of the Lawyer Retainer in partnership with the Canadian Centre for Law & Society (CCLSS).In response to the […]

Hacker News: The legal career of a porn star

shapiraj lawyer, an attorney at Shapiro, is a lawyer who specializes in internet privacy law.His website, shapirujurisdiction.com, provides a listing of the lawyers he has represented and the companies they represent.shapira lawyer, a lawyer at Shaviro, specializes in intellectual property law.The site offers a list of the companies he has defended and the firms he […]

Houston lawyer who sued police over arrest of black man dies of brain cancer

HAPPY HOUR HOUSTON — A Houston attorney who sued the Houston Police Department for arresting a black man in 2011 and later settled a wrongful arrest lawsuit that went to trial has died of brain and spinal cancer.The attorney, Casey Anthony, 50, was found dead at her home Wednesday afternoon, her family said.She was known […]

The best lawyers on the web for motorbike accidents

Posted October 04, 2018 03:53:18Motorcycle accident lawyer Matt Jacobs is the only lawyer in the US with an online network of over 100,000 lawyers who can help you navigate the legal system if you get into an accident involving a motor vehicle.The award-winning lawyer has over 20 years of experience as a traffic, vehicle and […]


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