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  • What They Are Buying,
  • The Current Market Size, and
  • Market Growth Projections

Release Date: 3 September, 2012. Order Your Copy Now – only $10 

On 3rd September we released the 2012 Global LPO Legal Process Outsourcing Market Study. Based on research and interviews with Legal Outsourcing Suppliers we have created a definitive picture of what is happening in the Global market today.

The sole objective of this research is to create an easy to read report, with key statistics, analysis, and advice, that any Law Firm, General Counsel, Journalist, Supplier, or Investor would need to understand exactly what is happening in the LPO market. To reach the widest possible market we also priced the Research as low as possible.

Order Your Copy Now – only $10

Why We Carried Out This Study

When a Law Firm or General Counsel engages outside support to assess the opportunities and threats from Legal Outsourcing, they are looking for experience and an up-to-the minute understanding of the market.

Early in any consulting engagement, the ability to have a firm grasp on the key market trends is essential. In fact, our initial discussions with clients, the internal education process, and even the business cases, all rely heavily on evidence-based knowledge and interpretation of what is happening across the market.

Over the last few years we have struggled to find data that helps give this definition and clarity. While there is a fair bit of information about the Indian delivery market, thanks to researchers like Value Notes, there is very little that takes a Global perspective.

At the simplest level we endeavoured to plug this Global gap, not expecting that it would take three months to capture and analyse the data. Coming out of the data we wanted to give the market information and analysis that would:

  • Encourage all parts of the legal market to look at Legal Outsourcing as an option, even if their conclusion is that it does not align with their wider strategy or objectives
  • Allow faster decision making, so that the legal market makes quicker conclusions and can more promptly access the benefits of a clear and effective strategy, regardless of what that strategy is.

Who Should Read This Report?

The end users of this report will be Law Firms, in-house General Counsel, the Legal Outsourcing Suppliers, Consultants, Investors and Journalists/Market Commentators, in any country around the world. By sharing Tier 1 of the data, at the lowest price, we hope to help buyers and suppliers achieve innovative, cost effective delivery models faster than was previously possible.

We also have a second, deeper level of Market Analysis available. This augments the hard data from our Research with the Deal-Based Data that we’ve used across the last 2 years. This is directly aimed at Law Firms or General Counsel who are looking to establish or evolve their LPO Strategy. These sessions are tailored for your exact circumstances, are onsite or phone based, and will give you a real edge over your competitors. Contact our co-ordinator, [email protected], to find out more details and arrange a session.


Order Your Copy Now – only $10 



Just to give you an idea of what is covered, Here’s a sample of the contents:


Section 1: Introduction

Two Ways To Use This Research

Who Should Read This Report?

How To Use This Report

Why We Are Doing This Study

Things Are Changing


Section 2: Methodology

The “O” in LPO

Supplier Driven Research

What Services Are Included In LPO



Section 3: Executive Summary


Section 4: Current Size of The Legal Outsourcing Market

Section Data

1. Market Size and Growth

2. Market Size By Headcount

Data Analysis

Market Implications.


Section 5: Market Growth Forecasts

Section Data.

1. Forecast Market Growth

2. Drivers of Market Growth

3. Threats to Market Growth

Data Analysis

Market Implications


Section 6: Who Is Using LPO

Section Data

1.    Services Being Bought

2.    Who Is Buying LPO?

3.    End Customers?

4.    End Customers – General Counsel By Corporate Turnover

5.    End Customers – Law Firm By Turnover

Data Analysis

Market Implications


Section 7: What Is Being Delivered

Section Data

Services Being Purchased

Data Analysis

Market Implications


Section 8: Deal Model

Section Data

1. Deal Duration

2. Deal Pricing

3. Savings Profiles

Data Analysis

Market Implications


Section 9: Conclusion