Legal Outsourcing And Change Management – Interview with Deborah Kops, Sourcing Change


I had a call recently with Deborah Kops, leading light in the area of Change Management and founder of Sourcing Change (

There is no way to over-estimate how important Change Management is when it comes to Legal Outsourcing/LPO or any other kind of readjustment of how you deliver your services.

A lot of the work I do is the upfront, strategy and planning work. While it is complex and varied, trying to address and foresee all the challenges an organisation is going to face, it is the easy part.

Implementing the change and making the change work is the hard part. And this was precisely why I wanted to get Deborah’s perspective on Change Management within the Legal Sector. For all lawyers reading this, you should be reassured that change is hard in any organisation – law firm, corporation, government sector, or wherever. And it is tough in Legal, Finance, HR, Marketing, etc.


While each profession has specific issues to address there are very good case studies around showing you what needs to be done and what you should not do. Having an extremely experienced advisor like Deborah on board is probably one of the first steps you should take once you have a clear idea of your LPO strategy – whether that is full outsourcing to a third party, building your own centralised services, or some form of blended model.

Webcast:  Ed Brooks and Deborah Kops

Implementing Change In A Legal Environment


Read the full transcript free on the link below:

Change In A Legal Outsourcing Environment



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