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Indian lawyer sues Amazon for allegedly violating antitrust laws

Indian lawyer Anand Parameswaran has filed a lawsuit against Amazon for violating antitrust law, alleging that the company has monopolized e-commerce.The suit, filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, was filed Friday and was brought as Amazon prepares to file its second-quarter earnings report on Tuesday.Parameswari alleges that Amazon’s Amazon […]

What the Lincoln lawyer said about sexual abuse: What she said

LEWIS, Neb.— In his memoir, The Lincoln Lawyer, former Nebraska attorney John Lincoln described the abuse he suffered as a teenage boy, describing his humiliation by a young boy who was the principal of his church and later, his own father.LENOX, Neb., April 15, 2017 — The Lincoln lawyer who helped bring down a powerful […]

ESPN: Trump lawyer to be CNN’s Kaleem Ali on The O’Reilly Factor

ESPN is making an offer for former Fox News host Kaleeb Ali to be its Kaleer Ali on the popular O’Reillys prime-time talk show The O`Reilly Factor.Ali, who had a long and controversial relationship with the network, has been on the air with the Fox News channel since 2005.He currently hosts the show as the […]

How to sue for car insurance coverage in Australia

In Australia, if you own a car, you can sue for damages from car insurers, the ACCC says.In other words, if your insurer says your car is covered, you should be able to go to court to collect money from it.The ACCC’s insurance advice comes after a number of consumer groups said they would be […]

How to get fired for a drug defense lawyer

In recent years, the federal government has taken on cases where defendants faced felony charges or had their lives turned upside down by a legal strategy known as the “work injury” defense.The defense is designed to allow people injured in work to collect on the damages caused by their wrongful dismissal.The problem is, it’s not […]

Judge rejects request to order probate lawyers to provide ‘unbiased and neutral’ account of the probate case

A Federal Court judge has rejected a bid to compel probate professionals to provide an “unbiased, neutral” account of their role in a controversial probate dispute.Key points:The lawyer representing the three women says they had to do it on their ownThe court heard the women had been promised money for their work when they left […]


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