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My name is Edward Brooks and I’d like to give you a short introduction to what you can get from The LPO Program.

  • From this site you should be able to get everything you need to understand what Legal Process Outsourcing is and how it could work for your organisation – Law Firm or General Counsel.
  • You will then be able to run your Legal Outsourcing Project – right from understanding exactly what LPO is, what it can do for your organisation, and what your strategy should be.
  • There really are a large number of permutations. This is your opportunity to understand those options and build a strategy LPO that is right for your organisation.
  • The same materials are equally relevant whether you are building your own delivery center, improving existing operations,  or outsourcing services to a third party..

It is essential that you understand the range of options, as well as the business case for each. Savings are very attractive regardless of the model you select. What I do for you is to make the assessment both comprehensive as well as straightforward, and as easy as possible.

The scope of services is totally flexible to your circumstances. It covers all areas of scope, from Accounting, HR, and other Back Office Services, right through to transactional Legal Services.

I structured The LPO Program is to give you easy access everything you will need:

  • Business Case Templates
  • How To Videos
  • Benchmarking Data
  • Research / RFP templates
  • Live one on one expert advice

This site will use as many of the tools of the modern world to give you all the help you need, as quickly and as easily as possible  As an example we are recording videos with the world’s leading LPO experts, helping you learn more and get easier access and guidance – from whatever platform suits you – PC, iPad, Smartphone etc.

Here’s what you are going to get Legal Process Outsourcing


We have a growing library of videos that will walk you through every stage of your project. Some of the world’s leading experts have contributed and more go live ever week. This series of Strategy Videos is a great example of what you can expect. You will also see series of videos on Contract Management, e-Discovery/Document Review, Centers of Excellence, and how you select the right location for delivering LPO services from.


As well as the reports that we publish, we also give you access to the best reports that we see available on the market.




LPO has been moving fast over the last few years. It is not quite “CNN Breaking News” but it is important to know what is happening and how the market is evolving. Twice a month I publish our magazine, with information, news, and educational articles. Along with this analysis you can see what forthcoming events are taking place, webcasts, and conferences, so you can plan your diary to get maximum understanding of what LPO is and how it could work for you.

Case Studies

There is nothing like seeing how other people have used Legal Outsourcing, in all its formats. Working with all possible sources we track down Case Studies that you can use to learn from. Now that LPO users are starting to crawl out from anonimity you will really start to see how advanced some users really are, and how easily you can catch up with them.



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