What Law Firm is NOT offering clients LPO/Legal Process Outsourcing?


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Legal Process Outsourcing

Here is the quote that all law firms should read – from a major corporate in a major economy.

“While the provision of legal process outsourcing (LPO) and alternative fee arrangements weren’t deal breakers, Salter admitted both are competitive points of difference and of growing importance to AMP.”

Over the last few years, Australia has had some interesting contributions to the debate over Legal Outsourcing/LPO. The Mallesons deal with Integreon was a beacon across the global industry, and a model that will become more common.

The question I have is why any Law Firm would not have an LPO strategy that they can share with their clients.

The AMP story is a classic example of how Clients are telling Law Firms what they want and making Law Firms seem like they are being reactive to clients.

Instead they should be taking that the more considerably more attractive leadership/advisory role, showing clients how they can best leverage a wide range of delivery models on a case by case basis.

Here’s the whole article, and well done to Leanne Mezrani for picking up the LPO angle.


Legal Process Outsourcing

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