LPO in North Korea?


Sadly I don’t think the current Kim is too keen on the rule of law, so I can’t imagine the LPO business there is booming. However, the Integreon job posting below, looking for Korean language skills, did start me thinking.

More importantly, as we see the Legal Outsourcing market taking further strides in the US and the UK, no one has yet really captured the amount of Legal Services Outsourcing that is taking place in the rest of the world. Our next LPO Market Study will be looking at that particular area.

My anecdotal evidence from mainland Europe is that LPO usage there is sporadic, but that it will grow faster than other areas of outsourcing. Simple realities like the economy will be the catalyst, but the Europeans have always had an uneasy relationship with any form of outsourcing.

Back in Asia, the job offered by Integreon (amongst other language-driven jobs) shows clearly the growth of LPO in that region. The forthcoming article by Asian Legal Business confirms that level of interest. It may not be huge just now, but faced with low cost delivery options existing and newer Asian businesses are increasingly skipping the law firms and jumping straight to the LPOs. In that light, last year’s Mallesons deal makes even more sense.

I predict that Asian growth rates in 2013/14 will outstrip those in Europe, and we are now putting in place the mechanisms to measure that. Watch this space as things evolve. In the mean time, here’s the job posting. http://www.jobstreet.com.ph/jobs/2012/6/default/80/3375918.htm?fr=J

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One thought on “LPO in North Korea?

  1. Srinath Mitragotri

    Interesting post there. The Korean language skills might not be for an LPO based out of Korea, but it could be for a litigation involving Korean language documentation & they would need language experts. I haven’t see the job posting – so not sure if they specifically said that the position is based out of Korea, but if it was just Korean language skills – it could be for reviewing documents in Korean. Cheers

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