I do make it a point of principle to share and promote all educational materials that come across my (online) desktop. With an active …"/>

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I do make it a point of principle to share and promote all educational materials that come across my (online) desktop. With an active newsletter readership of 2000+ it gives a unique distribution channel for LPO content. I don’t endorse or vet it, nor do we get paid to do this, so it does come with some caveats.

The sad fact is that there is actually not enough open sharing and educating, which I believe is impeding even faster growth in the LPO industry.

So it with pleasure that I point you to Draft’n’Craft’s forthcoming webinar on” Changing Roles of Lawyers from Court Rooms to Conference Rooms”. I think they could do a slightly better job of selling this content, as their description is a bit light, but that is often the case.

Below is a copy of their press release, and I would direct you to them if you have any questions.

To the industry as a whole – YOU NEED TO DO MORE OF THESE! We are in the process of pulling together an educational series. If you want to be part of it contact [email protected] and she will give you full details.

Changing Roles of Lawyers from Court Rooms to Conference Rooms – A Draft n Craft Approach

Posted on Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

New York, USA – In this rapidly changing business environment where everyone is looking for innovative ways to remain visible and competitive, lawyers who are said to be the most unbending professionals, have started shifting their gears to stay ahead in the race of professional competition.

Experts from Draft n Craft, a leading legal process outsourcing company serving the US and the UK markets with its legal and paralegal services, have given a substantial observation to this change and sharing it by way of organizing a free to attend webinar “Need of the hour – Lawyers becoming managers” which will take place on August 29, 2012 at 4.00pm.

“A lot has been said about the unchanged mindsets of lawyers that they do not easily accept new roles even if it is for their good. But the actual scenario is different from what is being said. Lawyers today are not only limited to courts or their chambers but playing many roles at the same time. They are becoming managers and supervising variety of activities apart from their regular practices” said a senior official from Draft n Craft.

This webinar is devised for all the stakeholders of the global legal industry and a pre registration is required to attend. To register click herehttps://www4.gotomeeting.com/register/941841215. »

About Draft n Craft

Founded in 2008, Draft n Craft specializes in outsourcing of legal and paralegal services and has provided more than a handful of advanced solutions to various clients. It specializes in outsourcing of legal & paralegal services such as, Contract Outsourcing Solutions, Legal Research, Legal Transcription, E-discovery, Deposition Summarization and an array of Paralegal Services. We at Draft n Craft understand that the need of every law firm is one of its kind and important to their business.

If you have any questions, comments then please visit our website: www.draftncraft.com or contact us at: info (@) draftncraft dot com

https://www4.gotomeeting.com/register/941841215. »


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