Deja Vu – All over again :)

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Deja vu – all over again:)

I think I’ve seen this story repeat for the last two years. Infosys is a great company – maybe with some other short term issues distracting it – but there has to be a reason why it has not pulled the trigger and actually bought something.

From talking around the market, my view is that:

1. There are actually very few organisations who would be big enough to appear on their radar.

2. Few of those that are on the radar are actually for sale

3. Those that are for sale – or could even be tempted – are sitting at a valuation that is well in excess of what a semi-adventurous/semi-prudent buyer would pay.

Let’s face it, Infosys is not alone. No one else is snapping up LPO companies (of any specialism) so something has to be jamming the market.

Any bets on when this will change? Maybe it will be easier/better/cheaper to buy the e-discovery department of an established law firm.

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