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Instant Answers and Fast Results. That is what we offer, in this world of Facebook and Twitter. While we don’t actually use Social Media (except for our blogs), we do offer instant access to experts in the field of Legal Outsourcing.

Within a few hours of first contacting us, we can have you talking to an expert in the LPO space, for free, letting you ask all the questions you need. You can use these sessions for whatever you need, but they are designed to help you access the benefits of outsourcing faster and more robustly than you can get anywhere else.


Our Background

Our team has backgrounds working for some of the biggest brands in the space – Booz & Co, Accenture, TPI/ISG, EDS< PwC, and GE. From the team you get access to specialists in over $5bn worth of complex deals, whether global or national.

I myself am a Scot based in New York but spend at least a week a month in the UK, where the legal market is currently undergoing real structural changes. The wider team brings with it specialisms in e-discovery, complex project management, document management, negotiations, and legal back office operations, to name a few.

The key point is: within a few hours you can be speaking, for free, to an expert in exactly the area that you require support in. Just contact [email protected] to arrange a time that works for you.

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