Child lawyer outfit’s lawyer ‘threatens to sue’ child pornographers

A California lawyer is threatening to sue his child porn clients if they don’t stop using his name.

The lawyer, David O’Reilly, is the president and founder of a child porn group that is now making a name for itself on the Internet.

He’s suing at least two of them and his clients.

In a blog post, O’Brien said he’s going to sue them for the first time, according to The Hollywood Reporter, and it includes one client who he claims is “a registered pornographer.”

“We are going to be suing a group of child porn distributors, which are currently engaging in child exploitation in California, as well as a person who is a child prodigy that has used his pseudonym in his pornographic work, including one pornographic picture that I believe is a depiction of the alleged victim’s genitals,” O’Briens lawyer wrote in a blog.

“We are also going to go after a person that is a known child pornographer, which has been previously sued for sexually abusing children and is the only one of our clients that has been identified as such.”

O’Reilly is seeking more than $200,000 in damages.

He says his clients are using his online alias and the name of a person in their company who is currently suing them.

O’Reies website says it has about 400 members, and they all use his online handle.

O’Reys lawyers did not immediately respond to a request for comment from NBC News.

He also said he has filed for a restraining order against a person whom he believes is using his alias and that the person is a registered sex offender.

O-Reilly says his attorneys have a good relationship with the two people who are using the person’s name and the person has given O’ Reilly a number of “positive and credible” stories.

The two are accused of selling or renting out child pornography to people who use their online handles and O’Oreys own children.

OReilly says the people in question “never met him or worked for him, but they were clearly paid for by a network of individuals.”

O-Reys website says he has a good working relationship with his clients and is looking for them to “stop using our names.”

He says the group’s name is now “the internet’s best known and recognized name for child pornography.”

O’des attorneys say they have had numerous “positive conversations” with child porn users and have a “robust legal team” and “a legal team that is experienced, highly experienced and is well-prepared to take on the legal and administrative challenges that we expect to face.”OReilly has also created a website, where he’s offering tips on how to make a child abuse investigation, and his attorney says that his clients “have always maintained a strong professional reputation and will be successful in this case.”


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