How to get rid of lawyers without a job: What to look out for in the new system

Lawyers in Australia are being told to prepare to take their jobs out of the country and forgo their legal training, in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Key points:There are fears that some of the lawyers who are being offered jobs will not be able to work in Australia due to the pandemicThe Australian Federal Police is calling on people to report suspicious phone calls or text messages related to the coronivirus pandememCriminal law professor Andrew Coughlan says the law must be made clearThe Australian Human Rights Commission is also warning Australians that there are risks associated with the pandememicIt’s unclear what will happen to those who take their cases to the courts.

The ABC has contacted the Federal Police for comment.

The Australian Financial Commission has also advised Australians to report phone calls and text messages suspicious of their activities, including from people claiming to be a family member, relative or friend.

But a senior Federal Police lawyer, who asked not to be named, said the advice to prepare for the job search was “misleading”.

“I would urge you to do that and if you do not, then we will be forced to take you out of Australia,” he said.

“We need to understand the nature of the threat and where it is emanating from, so we can be able, if necessary, to intervene and deal with that threat.”

The advice to protect the integrity of the system is that people should not be approached about their activities by a relative or their friend, but instead should be called for their legal advice.

“If you are concerned about this, you should contact your nearest police station and we will make an assessment,” he added.

Mr Coughland said the law needed to be made clearer and people should be aware of the potential consequences of doing so.

“The law should be clear that if you are involved in the criminal justice system, that you must be a member of the Commonwealth of Australia and that you are not entitled to leave,” he told the ABC.

“There is nothing that would prevent you from working in Australia, and it is a privilege that you have in that respect.”‘

We will deal with it’Professor Andrew Croughlan said it was important that the law was clear on how to protect lawyers in Australia.

“It is important that people understand the fact that there is a risk that people who are going to have a job may not be fully prepared for it and may be affected by this,” he says.

“And the law should make it clear that we will deal, and we have done, with this risk.”

That is the only way to make sure that people have a safe, secure job.

“He said the AFP was now urging Australians to contact their nearest police stations and report suspicious telephone calls and texts.”

I know that many of you have asked us to encourage people to call the AFP if you think you may have been contacted by a potential contact,” he explained.”

Call the police station if you have any questions about your concerns and we can investigate them and we are in contact with the AFP.

“All of our officers are trained to do this.”

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