Why Tampa divorce lawyer isn’t suing the Florida Legislature

Tampa divorce attorney doesn’t think Gov.

Rick Scott and Attorney General Pam Bondi are trying to destroy her business.

She thinks she can do the right thing by defending herself against Scott and his administration.

“I think that’s the bottom line,” said Nicole Nardini, a Tampa divorce advocate who has filed a federal lawsuit against the state, Scott and Bondi.

“I’ve had the opportunity to speak to the governor and to the attorney general, and I think they’ve done nothing to stop this.

And I’m not saying that they haven’t, but they haven.

I think that they’re just doing their jobs.”

Nardini was one of several Tampa divorce attorneys who spoke to reporters Tuesday before a Senate committee hearing on Scott’s request for the state’s help to defend her business, Nardinis Law Group.

Scott has asked Bondi to appoint an attorney to help defend Nardinos business.

The governor has repeatedly called Nardinas attorney, Nicole Nardi, a “liar” and “criminal” for filing suit against the Florida General Assembly.

Bondi declined to name an attorney, citing privacy concerns.

Nardinis has been representing clients in divorce cases in Florida since 2005, when she was named to the state bar.

She has represented clients from all walks of life, from divorce lawyers to the homeless, and her practice is broad, ranging from criminal and civil suits to medical and medical-related matters.

She declined to comment Tuesday on Scott and the state Legislature’s actions.

Scott has repeatedly accused Nardina of violating the state constitution and has asked the state Supreme Court to block her from representing clients.

The Florida Supreme Court has declined to do so, and Bondis office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

In the suit, Nardi has alleged that she has been discriminated against in her practice by Scott, and she has sued the governor’s office, Scott, Bondi, and the Florida Supreme Commission on Judicial Conduct.

Nardi also sued the Florida House and Senate, which passed a bill in April that would require Bondi and the attorney generals office to investigate whether the attorney-client privilege applies to Nardinis practices.

The bill also requires Bondis to appoint a special prosecutor to look into whether Nardino violated any statutes, according to the lawsuit.

Nardois attorney has called the governor a liar, a criminal and a fraudster, and said the bills she’s filed have been ignored by lawmakers, the state attorney general’s office and the General Assembly itself.

She also has filed suit against Scott, alleging he has violated her constitutional rights and violated his oath to serve as the state guardian of the Constitution.

The lawsuit, which seeks an unspecified amount in damages, is based on the same lawsuit filed against Bondi in 2015.

It asks the court to declare that the special prosecutor should be appointed and said she has a “duty to defend and defend” Nardinia’s right to practice law.

“She has been attacked for exercising her right to be a lawyer,” said attorney David Rolfe, who represents Nardinelli in the case.

“It’s not something that’s going to happen overnight.

It will take time.”

Nardinos lawyer, Michael P. Johnson, told the committee Tuesday that she’s confident that the legislature will ultimately comply with the court order and appoint a prosecutor to investigate Nardisi’s claims of misconduct.

“If there’s a resolution, that resolution will be a settlement between Ms. Nardi and the Governor,” Johnson said.

“If not, then she’s going back to defending herself.”

Nardi’s lawyer also told the panel that she believes Scott is “not a good person” and is “doing what he thinks is the right job.”

She also said that Scott’s “misguided actions” have “threatened her business” and that Scott “has not taken any action that will prevent her from continuing to pursue her case.”

Scott spokesman Chris Wood said Tuesday that the attorney’s office has “no intention of interfering” with the case, but the governor will consider all options, including any potential litigation.

“The governor is going to be looking at everything that he can,” Wood said.


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