What’s next for kim kardsashian? From the top: How the rapper and star’s lawyers are handling a lawsuit that’s threatening to derail her career

In a rare public appearance, rapper Kim Kardashian West has spoken publicly for the first time since the case against her parents has been tossed out, telling reporters that she “never intended to do what’s happened” and that her lawyers are “working to get my case resolved in the best possible way.”

She added that she has “a lot of support” in the family, but that her attorneys have “been very clear” about the “significant obstacles” they face.

The rapper’s lawyers were granted an emergency stay in court last week, but their lawyers filed a motion on Friday to dismiss the case, citing an attorney-client privilege.

The court’s hearing is scheduled for July 23, though a ruling could come sooner. 

Kim Kardashian West is pictured on March 5, 2019.

Kim Kardashian’s lawyers argue that she is “a victim” of an “irreparable injury” caused by the dismissal of her parental rights case, but the rapper’s attorneys argue that her parents, Kim and Kanye West, did not give their permission for the case to be dismissed.

They are seeking an injunction that would prevent the family from receiving compensation from the rapper. 

On Wednesday, Kanye West’s attorney, Daniel Petrocelli, called the decision to dismiss his client’s case “a massive miscarriage of justice,” and said the rapper will continue to pursue his lawsuit against his parents in the courts.

“There are no winners here,” Petrocellis told reporters, according to TMZ.

“I can’t see this case going away.”

The Wests sued Kim in 2016 over her and her brother’s marriage and the rapper claims the marriage was “intended for the sole purpose of advancing the [Kim and Kanye] brand.” 

In the suit, Kim accused Kanye West of “engaging in sexual acts with her on several occasions in the early 2000s,” and also accused the Wests of stealing her mother’s assets. 

Kardashians lawyers have not responded to a request for comment on the lawsuit, and Kanye’s attorneys have also not responded. 

The rapper’s lawsuit also alleged that she was not allowed to participate in any of the Kardashian Wests’ social media activities, and that the West family “took her away from her mother in order to be separated from her,” TMZ reported. 

In a statement to Billboard, Kim’s lawyer stated that the Kardashian family “has a lot of respect for their client and her family.”

He added that Kim has a “lot of support in the West’s family” and “has had a lot to say about this.” 

The Kardashians and the West kids’ lawsuit were filed in March 2016 and both parties filed motions seeking a temporary restraining order, an order to stop the family and Kardashian from having any contact with each other, and damages. 

Following the temporary restraining orders, Kim took to Instagram to express her “humble gratitude” to the West children, saying, “I love you and thank you for being my best friends.” 

“We all know that my mother’s pain is real,” Kardashian said in a statement on Friday, adding that she will continue fighting to get her lawsuit “reopened.”


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