Indian lawyer sues Amazon for allegedly violating antitrust laws

Indian lawyer Anand Parameswaran has filed a lawsuit against Amazon for violating antitrust law, alleging that the company has monopolized e-commerce.

The suit, filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, was filed Friday and was brought as Amazon prepares to file its second-quarter earnings report on Tuesday.

Parameswari alleges that Amazon’s Amazon Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services are monopolies that have driven the cost of online content and services to a point that consumers are forced to pay more to access the products.

The lawsuit also alleges that the firm is a monopoly over the distribution of video streaming services, the company’s cloud computing platform, and other cloud services.

Amazon, which competes with Microsoft, Google, Apple, and Roku, does not comment on pending litigation.

The complaint alleges that Parameshwari’s firm, Rangarajan Parameshwaran (RPA), has worked with Amazon on cases that have cost Rangaran Sridharanam, a director at RPA, more than $5 million.

Parameeshwaran, who is based in New Delhi, also is a partner at law firm Greenberg Traurig.

Parameshwarans suit comes after Amazon announced a new cloud platform called AWS that will allow its employees to share data across multiple data centers and other devices.

Params lawsuit comes after Paramess firm, a firm that focuses on antitrust law cases, filed a separate antitrust lawsuit against Microsoft.

Parares lawsuit comes as Amazon’s cloud platform and AWS, the cloud computing product, have become increasingly important to the company, as more people and businesses use them for cloud computing and video streaming.

Amazon’s latest efforts to control content and cloud services comes after the company announced a cloud computing service called Fire TV.

That service, along with Amazon’s own video streaming service called Prime Video, was acquired by Hulu.

Amazon has also been investing in new products and services, including Amazon Prime Now, its on-demand video streaming video service.


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