How to find a lawyer in your area

A drug and alcohol counselor has a new tool in her arsenal: her cellphone.

In an effort to help people navigate a new system, a group of drug and abuse counselors has launched a new app that helps users locate a lawyer by phone.

It’s called the Lawyer Locator app, and it’s being rolled out across the country.

The app is designed to help individuals navigate a “complex” legal system.

It’s based on a legal website called the Federal Rules of Professional Conduct.

But the app also provides links to websites that help users find a local lawyer who can help them navigate their cases.

For example, the app includes links to local attorneys who have been appointed to represent people accused of sexual assault, or those who represent people who are being sued by their employers.

The idea is to provide an avenue for people who may be having a hard time finding a lawyer to speak to someone who knows what they’re going through.

“It’s not about asking, ‘Hey, can you help me?'” said Rachel Krieger, one of the co-founders of the Lawier Locator App.

“It’s about having someone to listen to you.”

It’s also designed to be accessible to anyone.

People can tap on a barcode and then a lawyer’s name will appear on the screen.

It will also give people a list of available lawyers and a list that has lawyers they can contact.

If they click on a link, the lawyer’s office will be linked to the information provided on the website.

Krieber said people can also call the number provided by the app, then click on the link and the lawyer will be listed.

The group behind the app said the app will be used by more than 1 million people a month.

The law firm where the app was created, Kriegers, said the concept of providing a platform for people to find help was inspired by the success of a similar app in New York.

“We thought, this is really important for a lot of people who have no legal representation and they want to talk to someone about their issues,” she said.

The Lawyer Locate app is available for free on Google Play and other mobile apps.

Krieger said she hopes the app can provide a resource for people struggling with addiction, mental health issues and family issues, as well as the thousands of people it helps every year.

“They’re just so often on edge,” she added.


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