Discrimination lawyer says police should be forced to use CCTV in case of fatal shooting

A discrimination lawyer has claimed that police should use CCTV to help identify people in custody who are guilty of violent crimes and should be prosecuted.

The Metropolitan Police’s Criminal Justice and Public Order Division is currently investigating a fatal shooting of a man who was arrested in connection with the attack on a police station.

According to a statement from lawyer John O’Shea, officers are already required to record their interaction with suspects who are in custody but they should also be required to use their body cameras in the case of a death.

“We’ve already been doing this for over a year now.

The use of body cameras has already been approved by the Commissioner and the police forces in the UK.

So the police are already using these devices,” he told Sky News.”

It’s very rare that a death of a person is recorded in a video.

We need to have cameras on all of them, so they know who they’re interacting with and we need to make sure they’re held accountable for the deaths.”

The force’s Criminal Investigations Command (CID) has confirmed that it is investigating the death of 23-year-old Ryan James and a number of other cases, including a shooting in which a police officer was killed.

O’Sheas told Sky’s The Project that the police should not use body cameras until there are more serious cases of police misconduct being investigated and they can be shown to the public.

“In the case that we’re actually going to get a conviction against them, then we’re going to have to prosecute them.

They should have to face trial.

That’s why we’re asking for the cameras,” he said.”

What we’re doing is putting a lot of pressure on the police to actually do the right thing, to make the case to the court.”

Mr O’Hallas is one of several lawyers who have called for the use of CCTV cameras in criminal cases to help find those guilty of serious crimes and ensure that those guilty are prosecuted.

“When a police stop a car, they should have video on the car which shows the officer’s view of the stop,” he added.

“They should also have body camera footage which shows them on the ground with their arms outstretched.

That would show them that they’re not breaking the law.”

The Metropolitan police declined to comment on the matter.


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