How to protect yourself from trolls

By LORI JONES, AP National Lawyer Derrick Johnson says the social media world has turned into a playground for trolls, who are now in the business of bullying and harassing others.

In an exclusive interview, Johnson told CBS News he has been called names, including “scumbag” and “liar.”

And he’s been the target of threats and harassment on Twitter, including death threats and even rape threats.

Johnson says it’s not only the online bullies who are being called out on social media.

“They’re calling me a liar,” he said.

Johnson said he’s learned to ignore the attacks and to not react.

He says he learned from his mistakes in the past, and that it’s now time for the world to learn from his own mistakes.

Johnson, who works for the law firm of Johnson & Johnson, says the trolls have come to be seen as a group of people who are simply using the Internet to harass others.

“It’s not about hate, it’s about bullying, it is really that simple,” he told CBS.

“We’re at a point now where it’s becoming a hate group.”

Johnson says he’s not afraid to speak up on Twitter or in other online forums because he believes he can help others who are struggling.

“The world needs to learn what these people have done to people they care about and how they have taken advantage of the Internet,” he says.

Johnson believes that the people who commit these crimes should be held accountable for their actions.

Johnson is now in a position where he’s able to take action to stop these attacks, such as deleting his Twitter profile.

He said he has made an effort to stay out of the spotlight by avoiding all social media platforms.

“I just do not see any point to be a part of it,” he explained.

“There is nothing positive about this.

This is a waste of time, effort and energy.”

The online community Johnson has created is called #NeverTrump, and Johnson says they are the first line of defense for people who may be feeling the effects of the online backlash.

He believes it’s important for the people of the United States to stand up for the country.

“This is the first time in history that this is actually happening,” he explains.

“So this is the right place for people to stand together, the right time for people, the first day that this has happened.”

Johnson has been a law student at Duke University and has a law degree from Duke Law School.

He is also a veteran of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

He works for Johnson & Johnson.

Follow him on Twitter @DerrickJohnson.

Follow the CBS News team on Twitter at @CBSNews and on Facebook at CBS News.


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