The best lawyers on the web for motorbike accidents

Posted October 04, 2018 03:53:18Motorcycle accident lawyer Matt Jacobs is the only lawyer in the US with an online network of over 100,000 lawyers who can help you navigate the legal system if you get into an accident involving a motor vehicle.

The award-winning lawyer has over 20 years of experience as a traffic, vehicle and insurance lawyer, and his clients have included Uber drivers, and even the US Postal Service.

His legal practice focuses on consumer and commercial disputes, and has been featured on the Huffington Post, Forbes and The New York Times.

He has represented individuals in cases such as Uber drivers who were fired and injured when their cars were damaged in a crash, and a woman who was struck and killed by a drunk driver who was in a car with two passengers.

His most recent clients have been Uber drivers accused of killing a pedestrian in Washington, DC, in 2016.

He’s also represented a cyclist who died after a collision with a bus, and another man who died in a police chase.

But despite his success as a lawyer, Matt’s passions lie more in the realm of motorcycle accident.

He said he likes to spend time out on the roads, and was inspired to set up the site after reading a story in a local newspaper about a motorcycle accident involving two young people, one of whom was hit by a motorbike while riding in a bike lane.

“I thought, ‘This is just not right, why can’t I help?'”

He said, he’s worked with more than 1,000 clients in his career, including Uber drivers and Uber riders, and he’s never met anyone who didn’t want him to help them.

Matt’s advice to people who are in a motorcycle collision: don’t look away, and keep riding.

“It’s important to stay in your lane, it’s important not to panic,” he said.

“Don’t get out of the way, stay in the lane.

Just stay out of it, it won’t be that bad.”

He said if you see an accident happening, and you need legal advice, be ready to help.

“You can call the lawyer and tell them you need help, and they’ll be happy to help you,” he told Hack.

“They’ll have to go through all of the paperwork and do all the legal work, and that’s all that they’re paid for.”

Matt has also published a series of books about motorcycle accident cases.

He is also the co-founder of the American Lawyer Project, a website that connects people who have been injured by motor vehicles with lawyers who are able to help in a timely manner.

“We have been very active in getting people to call us,” he explained.

“We’ve had a huge amount of support, and we’ve gotten a lot of requests for information and assistance from our members, and from people who were involved in motorcycle accidents.”

The American Lawier Project also offers advice on how to negotiate with a motorist.

“People get nervous about asking for help, but they’re just like, ‘OK, I’ll do whatever you want me to do,'” he said, explaining that when they are in an accident, they need to think about what they need from the person that caused the accident.

“They have to be able to do it within their capacity, so they can move forward without it getting to the point where they need help.”

His clients have also been helped by his website, which provides an online resource for people who may have lost loved ones in an incident involving a motorcycle.

“If someone is going to be injured, they are not going to want to go into that situation alone,” he added.

“Sometimes, it may not be worth it to try and fight with a person who has hurt you.”

When asked how the website got started, he said: “I was looking for a way to help people with motorcycle accidents, and I found out there were a lot more lawyers out there.

I went and contacted a few of them, and got a response that I thought was pretty great.”

Matt says he had to spend some time to figure out how he could provide the most practical and efficient way for people to get legal help.

When I ask him if there are any things he’d like to change about the site, he says he’s considering adding a ‘case management’ section, so that people who need to talk about a particular issue can see that they can contact the legal team that can help them with it.

“That way, people can be sure that they are receiving the best legal advice that they want,” he says.

“And then they can get to the most appropriate point to get help, if needed.”

Read more about motorbike accident law in Hack’s full series of articles.


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