Trump lawyer says child support lawyer told her to ‘keep my mouth shut’

Attorney Michael Cohen told a child support attorney that the child support law should not be applied to a lawyer who represents the mother, according to court documents obtained by Recode.

The attorney was working for Cohen’s legal defense team.

The lawyer told the attorney in court filings that the attorney “should not be treated as the family attorney” because “we do not represent the father,” the documents show.

“The child support is being paid by the mother,” the attorney wrote.

“We should not support her because we do not do the work.”

Cohen, who represented Trump in the 2016 presidential campaign, has been a key Trump ally in court cases that seek to force the Trump Organization to pay back more than $300 million in child support that the Trump family has received.

Cohen’s team argued that the father of the child had to pay child support to the mother because of his employment, and that the mother had no rights to have a child, according the documents.

“It is the mother’s decision to have children, and she cannot unilaterally choose to terminate a child,” Cohen wrote in the court filings.

“If the father is required to pay the child’s support, the mother is entitled to a child and cannot be prevented from having one.”

The attorney argued that he should not have to represent the mother.

“This is not the lawyer’s job to represent anyone,” the court documents show, adding that he was representing himself.

The judge denied the attorney’s request for a gag order.

The New York attorney general’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

In court filings, Cohen argued that his role is to “defend the interests of the United States” and that his client is not a child or a “person in a fiduciary relationship.”

“As a fiducial agent, my role is the one to advise the parties in these cases and assist them in their legal actions, but it is not my role to represent parents in child custody disputes,” Cohen’s attorney wrote in court documents.

He also wrote that “in most cases, I have no special expertise in the matters of custody disputes.”

The filing for the child custody case is a first for Cohen, a lawyer and a father of two.

In 2016, he won a child custody lawsuit against his wife’s former boyfriend, who had a history of domestic violence, by arguing that he had the right to “use violence” against his ex-partner, according a transcript.

The case was later dismissed.

A federal judge later ordered the parties to stop fighting the case, saying that the former boyfriend was a “proud, violent, violent man who had no place in our society.”

Trump’s attorneys have argued that Trump has “a fiduciaries relationship” with his ex.

In the child welfare case, the court did not address whether Cohen should have represented Trump.

He did not return requests for comment for this story.


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