How to Become an Immigration Lawyer

Criminal defence lawyer: The lawyer you hire is the one you hire, not the one they’re based in. 

In the legal world, a lawyer is the person who brings a case and brings it to court, and who is responsible for the outcome of the case. 

The lawyer is also the one who decides what happens to the client’s case, how it’s dealt with, what happens if it goes to court and who can be prosecuted for the crimes they were charged with. 

When it comes to immigration law, a criminal defence attorney has the final say. 

That means, the only people you hire are the lawyers you hire and the lawyers who are based in their jurisdiction. 

It’s the same with immigration law. 

If you’re hiring an immigration lawyer, you should know their jurisdiction, the laws that apply in their state, and how they handle immigration cases. 

Let’s take a look at what the law says about immigration lawyers. 

Disclaimer: This is a guide to immigration lawyers that has been compiled by an actual immigration lawyer. 

All information on this site is presented with the intent to provide information to readers of this site that is useful in understanding and applying the law and the profession. 

There is no guarantee that all the information presented here is accurate. 

This guide is provided as a resource to help you navigate the legal landscape. 

Read on for the information you need to know about immigration law and immigration lawyers in your state. 


What are Immigration Law Schools? 

Immigration law schools are places where students are able to study and train in a legal profession for free. 

Students attend schools that are accredited by the Association of Immigration Law Students (AILA). 

The AILA is a national organization of law school graduates. 

AILA is the largest association of immigration law schools in the United States. 


How much is an immigration attorney paid? 

A common misconception is that an immigration law student is paid the same as a lawyer.

That is incorrect. 

An immigration lawyer is paid a base salary that varies based on their degree program, but is typically more than the average legal assistant. 


Can I hire an immigration criminal defence expert to represent me in court? 

Yes, if you have a serious criminal record. 

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, criminal convictions include: Murder (murder or attempted murder), rape (rape or attempted rape), robbery (robbery), aggravated assault (aggravated assault), sexual assault (sexual assault), robbery with a firearm (gun or rifle), and arson (arson). 

Immigrants are also subject to deportation. 


Does an immigration legal professional have to be a native-born American citizen? 


However, some lawyers are not native-American, and are certified by their foreign legal training. 


Will an immigration defense attorney work in my home state? 

An immigrant lawyer may work in a jurisdiction where they are licensed. 


Are immigrants subject to the immigration law? 

In some states, an immigration crime lawyer can work on immigration cases even if they are not legal U. S. citizens. 

For example, if the immigrant lawyer is working for a federal agency, an employer is required to provide the immigration lawyer with a work permit to work in the employer’s jurisdiction.

If the employer has a contract with an immigration agent, the immigration agent may work on the immigration case for the employer. 


Is an immigration expert required to be an American citizen for immigration cases? 

If an immigration professional is certified by an American law school, an expert must be a U. States citizen. 


Do I need to be licensed to practice law in my jurisdiction to practice immigration law in New York? 

Not necessarily. 

Immigrant lawyers must be licensed by the state where they practice to practice. 


I’ve been charged with a crime in New Mexico, can I get a criminal case transferred to me in New Jersey? 

It depends. 

Once an immigration case has been transferred to a New Jersey court, the criminal charge is sent to the New York criminal court. 


Am I eligible for financial assistance from the State of New York to hire an immigrant lawyer? 

Federal law prohibits the state of New Jersey from making a financial contribution to the hiring of an immigrant legal professional. 


Who should I call for immigration legal assistance? 

The American Bar Association (ABA) and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL) have a database of immigration lawyers available at their websites. 

To find an immigration bar association in your area, visit their websites and search for an immigration lawyers name. 

You can also call their toll free number at 1-800-843-4455 or you can write to the ABA, N


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