1. What is LPO? Our Free Newsletter Keeps You Informed.

LPO is a broad term to cover many things that can be done cheaper, better, faster in a new delivery model. That delivery model can be:

  • Tactical use of LPO suppliers to provide project-specific support
  • An in-house operation, centralising transactional activities in a law firm’s existing location
  • An in-house operation in a new, lower cost, onshore location for the law firm
  • A centralised, in-house operation in a new, lower cost, offshore location
  • A centralised, operation, run by a third party, onshore, offshore, or a blended model
  • A mixture of all of the above :)

Fundamentally it is about taking the delivery of legal services into the 21st Century – embracing change, technology, and different delivery options.

The exciting thing is that the market is moving under our feet. While the market is certainly mature, it is not yet fully evolved. That is where our Newsletter comes in, picking up and commenting on all the major movements in the market.

The Newsletter is called “If Not Now, When?” – if Law Firms and General Counsel are not looking at more efficient delivery models now, with current and future cost pressures across the whole legal sector, then when will they look at it?

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